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Brand Standards

Download our comprehensive brand standards guide to ensure consistency in representing Hyperion across all platforms. From color palettes to typography guidelines, this document equips you with everything you need to maintain the integrity of the Hyperion brand.


Access our official Hyperion logos in various formats and sizes to suit your specific requirements. Whether you’re designing marketing materials, presentations, or digital assets, our logos are available for download to help you make a lasting impression.


Explore our collection of high-quality footage showcasing Hyperion’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and cutting-edge technologies in action. From production processes to product demonstrations, our footage offers a glimpse into the world of semiconductor innovation.


Browse and download stunning imagery capturing the essence of Hyperion’s groundbreaking work in semiconductor substrate manufacturing. From close-up shots of our advanced machinery to panoramic views of our facility, our imagery collection provides a visual narrative of our commitment to excellence.

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