Hyperion Technologies is embarking on an ambitious project to build a cutting-edge manufacturing facility for high-density interconnect interconnect IC substrates (HDI-IC substrates).

With U.S.-based manufacturing output of HDI-IC substrates at zero percent of global output, the project aims to address this acute gap in domestic production within the United States for dual use applications.

By harnessing advanced commercial technology and fostering innovation through research and development, the project will enable Hyperion to compete globally in semiconductor technology, which is essential for advanced computing applications across various sectors.


Hyperion substrates serve a wide array of dual usage applications including at least 10 out of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors identified by the U.S. – DHS. End – markets served include, defense and aerospace, aviation, automotive, high-performance computing, data centers, electric vehicles, energy and energy exploration, personal computing, communications, power electronics, medical devices, consumer electronics.

The manufacturing facility will be at the heart of the semiconductor innovation cluster in Peoria, Arizona. This location offers several advantages, such as proximity to leading-edge chip manufacturers, access to a robust semiconductor ecosystem, and availability of skilled talent.


The project will be implemented through a detailed, risk-mitigated, multi-phase approach, with Research and Development of next generation substrates interwoven throughout the four phases to ensure roadmap scalability and innovation. The state-of-the-art, fully automated, 600,000 sf fabrication facility has a projected capacity of millions of units annually.

In addition to the manufacturing space, Hyperion’s site will also include an office building, an employee recreation center, an on-site childcare building, a power sub-station, a water desalination station, a Zero Liquid Discharge station, a solar farm, central utility buildings, bulk gas handling, and waste management buildings as well as a parking garage structure. The overall innovation park is designed on a 45 acre parcel which leaves room for supply chain partners and future expansion of Hyperion’s facilities.


Key outcomes of this project include economic growth, environmental sustainability, and public-private partnerships.

Over a 10-year period Hyperion’s project will create $6.6 billion in economic output for the Greater Phoenix area.

Economic Growth



Sustainable Manufacturing

Committed to promoting environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manufacturing practices, Hyperion’s facility will utilize water recycling, desalination, and renewable energy. The site is designed to use Zero Liquid Discharge® (ZLD) technology for all its wet processes and integrate Aquifer Water Desalination and municipal grey water recycling as the two main sources of its water consumption. The goal is to achieve net positive water consumption through the combined utilization of ZLD and Desalination capabilities. Hyperion strives to achieve net-zero carbon emissions and 100% renewable power consumption for its production by 2030. Moreover, the project will meet LEED GOLD standards for all buildings throughout the facility.

Net Positive Water

An Ecosystem of Public-Private Partnerships

In acting as a powerful nucleator for U.S.-based substrate manufacturing, Hyperion brings together private investors, government entities, American workers, premier academic institutions, think tanks, nongovernmental organizations, and the nation’s top technology ecosystem companies. We believe in harnessing the diversity and strength of this ecosystem to forge a resilient, innovative, and distinctly American semiconductor industry, thereby ensuring the economic and strategic security of our nation and strengthening the resilience of a U.S.-based substrate ecosystem.

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